2024 Erb/Mayas/Hemingway Trio "Hour music"
2024 Erb-Weber-Künzi "Spazio Elle" (LP)
2023 Erb-Loriot "Wabi Sabi" (LP)
2022 Erb/Mayas/Hemingway Trio "Bathing music" (LP)
2021 The Urge Trio, Heros" live in St. Petersburg
2021 Erb/Mayas/Hemingway Trio "Dinner Music" (tape)
2019 Screw & Straw, Erb / Lonberg-Holm
"A screw in Straws clothing (veto-records/exchange)
2019 Baker/Hunt/Erb "Live at the hungry brain" (veto-records/exchange) 2018 Erb/Loriot/Morishige "Dry" (veto-records/exchange)
2018 Erb/Vatcher Duo "Yellow live" (veto-records/exchange)
2017 Erb/Baker/Rosaly Trio "Parrots Paradise" (veto-records/exchange)
2017 Erb/Baker/Rosaly Trio "...don't buy him a parrot..." (Hatology)
2016 Erb-Loriot Duo "Sceneries" Creative Sources
2015 Easel (aka Erb/Lonberg-Holm/Zerang) "Bloom" (veto/exchange)
2015 The Urge Trio "Live in Toledo" (veto-records/exchange)
2014 Adasiewicz/Erb/Roebke "Yuria's Dream" (veto-records/exchange)
2013 Erb/Baker "Bottervagl" (veto-records/exchange)
2012 "Screw and straw" Erb / Lonberg-Holm (veto-records/exchange)
2012 "Sack" Erb/Lonberg-Holm/Rosaly/Roebke (veto-records/exchange)
2011 Erb/Baker/Zerang (veto-records/exchange)
2011 Erb Alone (veto-records/exchange)
2011 Lila "Tol's Toy (veto-records)
2010 Martin Baumgartner's SPIELHUUS (veto-records)
2009 BigVeto "100valli" - (veto-records)
2007 Veto "Mokotow Part I + II" (veto-records)
2007 lila (unit-records)
2006 "engurg" erb_gut (yvp music)
2005 "into the barn" manuel mengis gruppe 6 (Hatology)
2004 "radius" erb_gut (yvp music)

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